Rubén Arcos
Jane's Intelligence Review, Volume 31, Issue 3 (March 2019), Pages 28-33
Publication year: 2019

Rubén Arcos

EU and NATO confront hybrid threats in centre of excellence

Jane’s Intelligence Review 31(3): 28-33

Facing a growing threat from hybrid activities and attacks on election processes, EU and NATO states have established a joint centre in Finland to improve their response. Dr Rubén Arcos visits Helsinki to assess the initiative’s work to date and its likely future priorities.

European elections will take place on 23–26 May 2019 for a new European Parliament, and securing the process from potential interference by foreign and non-state actors will be a priority in the EU’s national security agenda. Protection against election interference and countering hybrid threats are live political topics that have prompted much debate, planning, and strategic thinking […] Full article available at